Banking Law - Assisting banks, companies and individuals in all aspects of banking law and the
banking industry. Providing legal assistance during financial transactions while taking into
consideration all aspects of the transaction, including the legal ramifications, tax consequences
and the effect of pertinent government regulations.  Also providing legal representation to clients
attempting to resolve disputes with their financial institution.  

Business Planning/Corporate Law - Assisting individuals and businesses who are seeking
advice and assistance informing business entities, including corporations, partnerships, limited
liability companies, syndicates and cooperatives.  Also providing assistance regarding business
related litigation or negotiation, as well as the purchase and sale or dissolution of businesses and
related transactions and internal documentation, taking into consideration all aspects of the
business relationships regarding tax consequences, relevant estate planning issues, legal liabilities,
and protection of investments.  

Commercial Law - Assisting companies and individuals needing legal representation on matters
involving commercial or business disputes.  Such cases would include but are not limited to
breach of contract claims, business torts such as suits for interference with business or
contractual relations, suits for collection of accounts or assets owed, suits for breach of
fiduciary duty, fraud claims, class action suits and antitrust suits.  

Civil Litigation - Representing individuals and business involved in non-criminal court cases.  
This is a very broad area and basically, involves any court action that does not involve criminal
charges.  Some examples would be collection of business accounts, trespass, injunctions,
restraining orders, actions to compel performance of a contract or to recover damages, suits to
recover compensation for personal injuries sustained by the negligence or intentional acts of
another, insurance disputes, etc.  

Estate Planning/Trusts/Probate - We represent individuals in estate planning matters, including
preparation of Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of
Attorney, including reviewing the tax implications related to the disposition of a person’s estate at
death or by way of gifts during their life.  We also assist individuals in the process of handling
estate and trust matters and when a loved one has died intestate (without a Will).  Helping with
the process of payment of the debts of the deceased, working through tax matters, handling the
necessary document preparation and in assisting in the distributing of the assets of the trust or
estate.  We can also provide legal advice and representation for guardianship matters as well as
other agency-related issues.  

Real Estate - Our firm represents individuals and businesses in all proceedings and transactions
that deal with real property (land and the structures attached to it).  We prepare contracts for the
sale and purchase of real estate, deeds, mortgages, trust deeds and other related instruments.

Criminal Defense - Our firm handles some types of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases,
including DUI and traffic violations.  We work with clients charged with Driving Under the
Influence of Alcohol to prevent the loss of driving privileges and other penalties resulting from
the charge.  We defend clients in all aspects of a DUI proceeding, including License Revocation
hearings with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We also assist clients charged with all types of
traffic violations including speeding charges, reckless driving, and other traffic violations.  

Agricultural Law - Our firm provides advice and legal representation for agriculture-related
matters such as contract negotiation and drafting, land and livestock leases, sales and purchases
and other financial planning matters.  

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death - We represent individuals who have been injured or killed
due to the negligence of others.  We provide legal representation to clients in the areas of motor
vehicle accidents, premises liability, slips and falls, and injuries caused by the negligent design
and use of a product.  We work toward a fair compensation for your injuries, whether through
settlement or trial.  

Family Law - We handle a full range of Family Law matters including adoption, divorce,
separation, premarital agreements, paternity, custody, support and modification to prior orders.  

Workers Compensation - We work with clients to recover benefits for injuries sustained in the
workplace.  Our attorneys work with your employer and its insurance company to make sure
you receive all the benefits you are entitled.

Creditor Bankruptcy - We serve as counsel to creditors in bankruptcy proceedings on behalf
of our business and banking clients.
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